Structured Products

Excellent value and easy to understand


  • Principal protected and/or non-principal protected
  • Returns incorporating leverage
  • Enhanced coupons and minimum guaranteed coupons and returns
  • Passive or actively managed underlying markets
  • Tax-advantaged structures

We offer excellent value and easy to understand Structured Products, each with a clear definition of the reward and level of risk involved. In changing market conditions, we take advantage of investment opportunities and bring them quickly to our clients.

We offer a quality service to advisors the world over, presently, we are holding a stable of high quality Structured Notes and Auto-Call Notes, backed by a minimum of A+ rated banks, although we tend towards using AA and AAA. We distribute in all major Investment centers of the world including the UK, Europe, Far East, Middle East and the Americas.


Structured Notes are financial products created to provide leverage, enhanced returns, principal protection, risk management and customized access to an asset class or type of investment. These products are completely customizable from term to maturity and currency denomination to performance metrics. A bespoke solution can be designed to suit your investment objectives.


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